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PGN Consulting can provide extensive coverage for your company's assets. When a loss occurs, you want to be confident that your policy covers recovery and lost resources to ensure you can get back on track asap.

Build a strategy that protects your hard work.

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Asset Protection

You've worked hard to build your company. Much risk, strategizing, research, marketing, elbow grease, and hiring the best staff you can afford. It's time you ensured your investment is protected from internal and external hazards.

PGN Consulting offers a broad range of coverage options to protect you and your company's assets. Should disaster strike, you can be confident you'll be able to recover and get back to your mission.

Fleet Insurance

The reliability of your fleet vehicles can make or break your bottom line. Make sure you have adequate protection from all the unpredictable situations your vehicles will face out on the road each day.

Directors/Officers Error And Omissions

One of the difficult parts of business is that people make mistakes. The wrong thing said can destroy a deal; or a key stakeholder makes a poor personal decision that sends the stock plummeting. If you've watched the news any time in the past few years you already know what can happen to even the strongest companies.

Senior leadership and key decision makers should have coverage to protect the company from such incidences. PGN Consulting offers policies for directors and officers as well as protection for errors and omissions made while conducting business.

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