PGN Private CFO powered by Dryrun is easy to integrate with your business systems. PGN Private CFO can easily connect with Sage, Xero, QuickBooks, Pipeline, NetSuite and more, so you can have always-on, up-to-date information about your financial health that you can access from anywhere.

Managing your cash and liquidity from multiples locations and multi-currency liquidity for global/international entities and their subsidiaries. With PGN Private CFO, you can build a model that shows how much money you’ll make in the next year based on your monthly expenses and projected revenue, or you can model out what it will take for you to break even. You can even use PGN Private CFO to create an interest rate sensitivity report, which helps you figure out how changes in interest rates might affect your business’s bottom line. The possibilities are nearly endless!

Consolidation of your business financial outlook for multiple locations, giving CFOs and CEOs the single high-level visibility instead of multiple independent financial reports saving CFOs and CEOs the time to focus on operations.

PGN Private CFO synchronizes finance data with top ERP and accounting tools, creating a far more integrated approach to forecasting and financial planning. With a crisp and intuitive interface, the goal is for a CFO or other finance professional to be able to show their findings – be that analysis, forecasting or simply at a glance knowledge on the company’s financial health – to anyone

Rather than becoming bogged down in spreadsheets and having to create reports that explain reports that explain reports, PGN Private CFO has been intentionally designed in such a way that the data and advice it offers is easily understood by both CFO and colleagues for whom the world of finance is a thousand miles away from their field of expertise.

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