Profit Point

PGN Profit Point fills in the business growth gap by delivering C-Suite solutions to eager entrepreneurs

CFO Supplement

Profits eventually end up in the hands of every companies CFO. With a solid view and understanding of your corporate numbers, you can assess the proper growth moves or cost cuts. Number crunching is a critical company needs, and with out this support, you run the risk of making uninformed decisions.In the CFO SUPPLEMENT we deliver a gap filler in the areas you need until you reach the ability to hire your CFO.

HR Support

Every businesses success is primarily dependant on its people. Human Resources is as important as the cash flow. Companies that rate the highest in employee communications are usually the most successful.HR Support is where we dial you into the current topics that keep you compliant and heading towards a better work life for your team.

Marketing Moves

Digital marketing, traditional marketing, and employee marketing are all an important component of getting your business out and known as a brilliant product and service. Marketing moves helps you cut to the current trends in understanding your brand and image internally as well as externally. You are only one tweet away from the world recognizing your excellence.

PPA Library

Our Profit Point Library is equipped with a history of the most relevant videos, articles, and reads that are important for your growth. We will share books, YouTube motivational videos, TED Talks, and any other
items that push you to be your best inside and out.

Small Biz News

As a busy Owner Operator, staying on top of current affairs takes hours upon hours to research and absorb all of the moving parts. We whittle down the topics of the day for a much dilouted time cruch to stay and be current.Visit us weekly for the latest and greatest.

PPA Courses

We deliver digital courses that expidite your learning curve on topics that are essential to reaching your profit point. Our courses will be at times be live. The live events we present will always be reposted here for your easy access.

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