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When you shop for permanent life insurance, there are a number of factors to consider. The main similarity between permanent life.

Term Life
Affordable Protection with Conversion Options

Very few people like to think about what their family would do if the worst should happen, but it is an important topic to contemplate as part of a sound financial plan. Term life insurance is generally the most affordable way to protect loved ones if the need for life insurance will only last for a certain period, such as twenty years.  This timeframe often coincides with a mortgage payment, how long until a child’s college funding needs last, or how long a person provides for their spouse with their income.

The loss of income and household contributions can worry many families. Everyday expenses like housing, utilities, food, childcare, education, and health care may be difficult to pay with a reduced household income. Life insurance death benefit proceeds can be set aside to pay these ongoing expenses.

Key Advantages
It's Great For

Permanent Life

Comprehensive Coverage for Life

Permanent life Coverage is designed to provide lifelong protection.

“Permanent life coverage” is a blanket term for various life insurance products. These policies are priced to reflect lifelong coverage and are for those who understand the actual value of life coverage.

While most people have heard of the term “whole life,” it is commonly confused with newer, more advantageous types of permanent life coverage, which offer the same guaranteed death benefit at roughly half the cost.

Far too many mistakenly believe they only need coverage until their kids are out of the home and on their feet. However, this can still expose spouses, children, businesses, and estates in the case of premature death.  It may be difficult to talk about, but that doesn’t make it any less important for the safety and security of your family.

Key Advantages

Universal Life

Universal Life offers a variety of flexible options when it comes to premiums, death benefits, and cash value accumulation. It can also serve as a versatile financial and retirement tool.

What Benefits Do Online Insurance Quotes Offer?

Everyone needs an affordable life insurance policy. Most people do not want to think about their death. However, there comes a time in your life when you must face your mortality. Your death can significantly impact the quality of your loved ones’ lives if you do not have a life insurance policy.

Obtaining an online life insurance policy just makes sense. This will help you compare policies, help budget for your life insurance needs and give you the peace of mind that you need.

Immediate Quotes from Multiple Insurance Companies

Now, you can enter your information in one easy-to-fill-out form. Then, your information is submitted to multiple companies. These companies will provide you with an instant quote, typically within seconds or minutes.

No Medical Exams Needed

It can be frustrating when looking for a life insurance policy only to realize that you need to undergo a medical exam before a quote can be given. Most people do not want to have to go through invasive medical procedures when they are searching for an affordable life insurance policy.

With an online quote, you will fill out your information and get life insurance quotes without needing to have a medical exam. This will save you both money and time. Once you find the perfect life insurance policy, you may need to have a medical exam; however, this will come once you have decided on a life insurance policy.

Online insurance quotes have simplified the process. With our easy form, you will receive a quote in seconds with PGN Insurance Group

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