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PGN Consulting Cyber Insurance Coverage: Best in the World

Welcome to PGN Consulting, a distinguished minority and service-disabled veteran-owned enterprise located in Toledo, Ohio. With over eighty years of collective expertise in human resources, insurance, employee benefits, equity, diversity & inclusion, and business development/management, our leadership team stands ready to provide unparalleled support to your business, ensuring it thrives in today’s dynamic landscape.

Our comprehensive Cyber Insurance Coverage offers a range of innovative solutions tailored to meet your specific needs and challenges, setting the standard as the best in the world. Here’s what sets us apart:

First Party Coverage

  1. Cyber Incident Response Fund: Covers legal fees, forensics, notification costs, credit monitoring, and public relations.

  2. Business Interruption: Protects against loss of net profits and operating expenses due to system interruptions, including those of outsourced technology providers.

  3. Digital Data Recovery: Covers costs to restore or replace lost or damaged data or software.

  4. Network Extortion: Reimburses extortion payments and negotiation expenses.

Third-Party Liability Coverage

  1. Cyber, Privacy, and Network Security Liability: Protects against liability for failure to protect private or confidential information or network security failures.

  2. Payment Card Loss: Covers contractual liabilities owed to payment card industry firms due to cyber incidents.

  3. Regulatory Proceedings: Provides defense for regulatory actions and coverage for fines and penalties where insurable by law.

  4. Media Liability: Covers liability following online defamation or copyright and trademark infringement.

Cyber Crime (by Endorsement)

  1. Computer Fraud: Protects against third parties accessing insured computers to take money.

  2. Funds Transfer Fraud: Covers instances of third parties tricking banks into transferring funds from insured accounts.

  3. Social Engineering Fraud: Protects against third parties tricking employees into transferring money.

Highlights of our Cyber Coverage include

  1. Non-Panel Incident Response Service Providers:Flexibility to add contracted cyber incident response providers to your policy.

  2. Innovative Coverage:Designed to address evolving regulatory, legal, and cybersecurity standards.

  3. Clear Exclusions:Clearly labeled exclusions with competitive carve-backs.

  4. Discovery-Based Coverage:Tailored to the progression of typical cyber incidents for informed decision-making.

  5. Cyber Incident Response Expenses:Paid on behalf of the policyholder with robust consumer-based solutions exceeding minimum regulatory requirements.

  6. Payment Card Loss Coverage:Includes card reissuance costs.

  7. Business Interruption and Extra Expense Language:Covers forensic accounting firm costs to determine interruption losses.

  8. Broadened Definition of Protected Information:Includes biometrics, internet browsing history, and personally identifiable media.

  9. Digital Data Recovery:Includes coverage for telephone toll fraud charges due to fraudulent calling.

  10. Extortion Expenses:Explicitly covers bitcoin and other cryptocurrency payments.

  11. Coverage Territory:Applicable anywhere in the universe.

At PGN Consulting, we are committed to providing unmatched cyber insurance coverage that safeguards your business against the ever-evolving threats of the digital age. Trust us to protect your interests and ensure your continued success.

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